Recaptcha solver in action
Recaptcha solver in action
Recaptcha solver in action

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Why I hate Recaptcha

Recaptcha is a huge roadblock for any automation engineers. It stops our bot from web scraping and blocks our automation software from booking our favorite concert tickets. This is done by asking our bot to solve “complicated” puzzles that only humans can apprehend. While the bot can choose to solve either the image or audio recognition challenge, both are equally challenging. Another way to solve this is to use Recaptcha Solver API from companies such as 2Captcha, where they employ humans to solve…

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Auto-complete is a basic feature that is built into every phone and computer, where it learns from your typing habits and magically adds new words into its dictionary. Sometimes, it is so intuitive that we forgot its existence.

But have you wondered how it works? I did.

Out of curiosity, I did some research and realized that there isn’t a simple tutorial on implementing an auto-complete model with machine learning. So I decided to write this article to share and explain my process of building, training and deploying an auto-complete model.

To allow everyone to follow my tutorial, I have…

Do you think it is safe to store your password in Firefox? The short answer is “no”. Any perpetrator that has access to your laptop is able to decrypt all your password within seconds.

Decrypted Firefox password with Python

Python is a versatile language that can be used to develop many useful applications to improve our daily lives, however, the same can be used to exploit system vulnerabilities leading to loss of data and privacy.

Previously, I had written an article on “How to hack Chrome password with python” and received much positive feedback from my readers due to the invaluable information provided. …

ODI: Time to update the DAC evaluation criteria


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science where algorithms are implemented to train machines to mimic human abilities such as object recognition, speech recognition, language translation and etc.

Due to its complexity, it often requires high technical expertise to design, train and deploy AI solutions.

However, with the rise of open-source programs, it has made AI technologies highly accessible to the public. Now, anyone can download, train, and deploy advanced AI algorithms easily.

This made it difficult for buyers to evaluate the Orginal Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) ability in delivering a performant AI solution without an assessment framework.




The web extension is a software plugin that you install into your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, and Edge) to enhance its primary functionalities. As its name suggests, web extension inherits most of the web technologies such as (1) Website Content Manipulation — allowing you to change, remove, and add content for the website, (2) Local Database Storage — allowing you to save any data on the user’s computer, and even (3) Geolocation Tracking — allowing you to track the user’s geolocation with x-y-z coordinates.

Refer to the complete list here:

With so many technologies involved, learning web extension…

Do you think it is safe to store your password in Chrome? The short answer is “no”. Any perpetrator that has access to your laptop is able to decrypt all your password within seconds.

The convenience comes with a price

It is undeniable that saving your password in Chrome is convenient. It helps you to log in to your website automatically while ensuring that your password is encrypted. The only way for the perpetrators to access your encrypted website password is to have your laptop username and password.

Typing your username and password into the windows login prompt to decrypt the website password

The false sense of security

To be honest, the windows login prompt…


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